My name is Samantha, and I'm a fiber addict.

I started this blog mostly because I wanted a place where I could post pretty things as I dabble a bit in photography and knitting.
On My Needles

FO: Tulip Socks II, knit in Socks That Rock (Joy to the World)

I picked this yarn up in January, when the winter was feeling never ending and I was in need of something to brighten up my day. I picked the Tulip pattern because, like Cookie’s Monkey Socks, the pattern doesn’t get too obscured even with a variegated yarn. I love the stripes and I don’t even mind the pooling on the top of the foot. Also there’s something really satisfying about well-done toe grafts that always makes me feel accomplished at the end of a sock.

Project: | x | ///// Pattern: | x |

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